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Unsecured loans

A lot of types of bank and non-bank loans require a form of securing. This can be via a cosigner or pledging of real estate. If you neither have the option of using a cosigner nor pledging real estate, you can apply for an unsecured loan. We usually find this type of loan among smaller and mid-sized loans.

When offering such loans, both banks and non-bank companies take an accommodating approach towards loan applicants and usually neither require pledging of real estate as collateral nor a cosigner. However, if you need to borrow a larger amount of money or if you need a loan to purchase an apartment or house, you probably will not be able to avoid having to pledge real estate as collateral.

Quick online loans

Small quick online loans are a special type of unsecured loans. Not only is neither securing of the loan nor pledging of collateral required, but often it is not even necessary for the applicant to prove income. You can receive the loan usually immediately and without problems.

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Financial advice

If we decide to take a loan we should follow some basic rules to avoid getting into unexpectable troubles. The main principles are summarized on this webpage.

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