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Loans for retirees

If you are a retiree, it does not necessarily mean that financial companies will turn their backs to you when you request a loan. Even though as a retiree you do not have as much of an income as an employee or entrepreneur, you are still an attractive client for financial companies. Loans for retirees can be obtained quickly and easily nowadays.

In order to receive a bank loan as a retiree, you will have to present proof of your monthly income. The bank will assess whether your income is sufficient for receiving a loan in the amount that you request. If everything is in order, nothing will prevent you from obtaining an advantageous bank loan with low interest and a low monthly instalment.

Non-bank loans for retirees

If you have not been able to get approved for a loan from a bank, you can contact any of the non-banking companies that provide loans to seniors. Unlike banks, they will not require proof of the amount of your pension and will not check your credit history either. You can get money easily and practically immediately. A disadvantage is the higher interest rate compared to bank loans and higher risks. Therefore, it is necessary to read the loan contract thoroughly before signing it.

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