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Housing loans

Housing is very costly, and only a small number of people have enough money to purchase their own apartments or houses directly from their savings. Fortunately, loans for housing exist, which can enable you to purchase a home for instalments with a very affordable interest rate.


Mortgages are housing loans with pledging of real estate as collateral. The real estate property that you want to finance through a mortgage is pledged to the bank as collateral. This minimises risks for the bank, and the mortgage can have a low interest rate, a lengthy repayment period, such as 20 to 30 years, and a low monthly mortgage payment amount. In order to receive a mortgage from a bank, the applicant usually needs to have regular income, and the bank will also check your credit history.

Non-bank mortgages

Sometimes it is possible to receive a mortgage even from a company other than a bank. The principle is the same as with a mortgage from a bank, in that the loan is granted against real estate pledged as collateral, but the requirements imposed on the applicant are not as strict as a bank's requirements. This type of loan can even be obtained by people with low income. However, the interest rate for a non-bank mortgage is somewhat higher than a bank's typical mortgage interest rate.

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