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Financial advisor - What to be aware of when applying for a loan

Before you sign the loan agreement, you should have read the agreement carefully and thoroughly and you should have understood everything written there. Before you enter into loan agreement you must calculate carefully and clearly how much and how long you will pay and whether you are able to meet these commitments throughout the loan. It is necessary to take into account all your ordinary family expenses and planned emergency expenses, e. g. holiday or new washing machine.

Besides the loan installments, various fees are common among many loan companies (fees for processing a loan, for a loan account maintenance etc.). This is also necessary to include into a loan calculation.

Choose a solid company

To minimize the risks that are associated with a loan, consider very well the choice of a loan company. Generally, the banks are the least risky, the non-bank companies are more risky and the private lenders are the most risky. Try to get as many references as possible on the loan company. In case of any doubt rather avoid it and find another company with better reputation.

Concerning the loan agreement – be aware of the paragraphs written in small print – the most important information is usually hidden here and it can increase the final cost of your loan – a sort of sanctions, penalties for late payment, fees for early or premature repayment and so on.

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Financial advice

If we decide to take a loan we should follow some basic rules to avoid getting into unexpectable troubles. The main principles are summarized on this webpage.

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